Questions You Should Ask An International Trade Attorney

In Michigan, business owners explore possibilities when considering overseas trade and business practices. These initiatives require an advanced understanding of the law and how business is managed abroad.

It also requires these businesses to understand protections and regulations that apply to trademarks and potential foreign business relations. An International trade attorney can answer questions about these endeavors.

Do Trademark Laws Apply Overseas?

All United States trademarks are protected overseas. Once the company has filed for a trademark and it has been approved, it is protected by United States trademark laws. This prevents any company in the U.S. and overseas from using it without permission.

Additionally, any foreign country that wishes to trade inside the United States can file for trademark protection for their brand as well. These actions are available through the Madrid Protocol. Once the application is filed in the United States, the foreign country acquires all the same protections for their trademark and brand just as an American company.

How Does the International Entrepreneur Parole Help Business in the U.S.?

The concept was created to encourage overseas businesses to relocate their companies to the United States and achieve optimal growth. By relocating these businesses, it provides an increase for the local economy and opens up a new job market for residents in the regional area.

What are Prosecutable Offenses Under the Sherman Act?

These violations of the antitrust laws could present criminal charges based on the misconduct of a business owner or partner. More specifically, the offenses include fixed pricing applied to consumer-based products that cannot be altered to present a competitive market.

It also includes rigged bidding when contractors bid for contract acquisitions for projects. According to federal laws, these violations could lead to a 10-year prison sentence and fines that could exceed $100 million for the company.

In Michigan, companies that wish to conduct business abroad must explore all legal avenues and ensure compliance with federal laws. These laws apply to fair trade in all markets, opportunities for competitive business practices, and criminal activities conducted by business owners. Companies that need further clarity about these laws and how to start trade investments contact an attorney right now.

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