A Guide to Maritime Accidents

While it’s possible for any boat to be in an accident, most involve personal watercraft or powerboats. Some incidents involve small sailboats or large commercial vessels, but these aren’t as common. If someone is injured or a relative is killed in a maritime accident, regardless of the type of vessel involved, it’s important to hire an aggressive attorney.

Drowning: Is it the Only Type of Maritime Accident?

While drowning is a common occurrence in a boating accident, other injuries are as well. These include:

  • Brain injuries

  • Harm to the spinal cord and back

  • Fractured and broken bones

  • Limb loss

Any of the above injuries can cause death. Most fatalities occur due to drowning, but serious injuries are more common.

Common Causes of Marine Accidents

Many boating accidents are related to alcohol consumption, but many occur due to operator inexperience, inclement weather or mechanical failure. Because more than one factor can contribute to an accident, it’s important to hire a maritime lawyer from irblaw.com.sg to investigate the incident and assess liability. Only an experienced attorney can ensure that a client gets the compensation they deserve.

What Damages are Available in Boating Accident Lawsuits?

A maritime injury lawyer will fight for the maximum available compensation for medical bills, lost income, property loss and damage, emotional suffering, physical pain and more. A specific case’s damages are dependent on the way an accident has affected the victim’s life. During an initial evaluation, an injury lawyer can assign an estimated value to a claim.

The Statute of Limitations

A boating accident can fall under personal injury or maritime law, but there’s a statute of limitations in either case. However, just because a client has a certain amount of time to file, does not mean they should delay. The longer a victim waits, the harder it is to get a fair settlement. It’s always in a client’s best interest to contact a maritime or injury lawyer as quickly as possible to start the process and ensure appropriate compensation.

If a victim has questions about a marine accident, they can contact a local shipping and maritime lawyer for a free evaluation. The firm’s lawyers serve victims all over Singapore, and they pride themselves on prompt, professional service.

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