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Methods of Flea Control in Dogs

Fleas can be a menace to the dogs, and they don’t choose specific places to stay therefore there is need to ensure the dogs are well taken care of when it comes to flea attack. One of the major problems that these parasites cause to our dogs is that they suck the blood which is rich in nutrients and therefore causes ill health in the dogs.

They may seem small but they attack the dogs in large numbers and end up sucking a lot of blood from the body of the dog and therefore when they are controlled the dog will eventually remain healthy and will be able to fight other diseases which may attack them. The another effect of the flea on the skin of the dogs is that they bring about the damage of the surface of the dog as they bite the skin and also as the dog tries to scratch and remove the fleas which bite them.

Most of the products that were developed in the recent past are available in the pet stores and the veterinary shops where one can get them and also the instructions so that they can take care of their dogs and ensure they are not affected by flea. It is important to provide that all the parasites are eliminated from the shape of the pets, and one of the methods to do that is to ensure that the dogs are regularly sprayed to remove the flea.

It is essential to carry out an assessment of the body of the dog so as to be sure of which method is applicable for the removal of the flea since when one is dealing with a dog with injured skin it is not advisable to use the sprays. One can also use the spot method where a chemical is placed at the base of the neck and also can be used at the bottom of the tails where the dog will not be able to reach with their mouth and therefore is an effective method of flea treatment.

There are pills which can be taken by the dogs as a method of pet and parasite control and therefore one will need to ensure that they get the best for the dogs. The pills work best on the newly hatched parasites and not the adult parasites so people should be aware, so the other method to combine so as to eliminate the pests. Other chemicals that are used for flea control is the chemical sprays. One should be very careful while choosing the drugs for their pets.

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